Gandayala - red kangaroo
Gandayala - red kangaroo

Philip Pussycat Gudthaykudthay

1935 - Gandayala - red kangaroo 2008
  • acrylic on linen
180 cm x 160 cm

Gandayala - the red kangaroo is the creation ancestor of Ramingining.

The Gandayala/Garrtjambal story, is from Gudthaykudthay's mother's country. Gudthaykudthay is junggayi (land manager) for Ramingining, through his mother's lineage. Garrtjambal travelled from Roper River in the south through what is now known as Arnhem Land, stopping off along the way on his peripatetic journey. Garrtjamabal is also an eponymous creator being, naming a number of places/sites along his journey. When he came to this place, now known as Ramingining, he ate a particular yam, which caused him to change his language to Djardewitjibi, the language of this area. He also named a lot of other places along the way, before travelling off to Milingimbi There are a number of sites (sacred sites) around the community of Raminginging, that are named are different parts of his body.

Source:  Bula'bula Aborignal Arts Corporation, Ramingining, NT 

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