Perdition and Prayer, XIV and LXI
Perdition and Prayer, XIV and LXI

Jacobus Capone

1968 - Perdition and Prayer, XIV and LXI 2021
  • copper leaf, volcanic ash and glacial water on Mingeshi paper
73 cm x 106 cm

One of Western Australia’s most compelling contemporary artists, Jacobus Capone maintains a practice that incorporates performance, photography, video installation, painting and site-specific work.

Marked by intimate and evocative gestures, his work often combines physically demanding durational performances with sublime landscapes – exuding a sense of awe and dark optimism whilst examining human and environmental fragility. 

Across Capone’s works there is an unflinching drive to understand human thresholds and the timeframe of a single life.

'I’ve collected a lot of natural materials throughout years of working site specially across different countries. Various bodies of waters, stones, ashes, sands etc. Because Perdition & Prayer embraces every minuscule component that informed and shaped each previous performative undertaking, it only made sense to introduce these collected elements into the paintings.

Namely volcanic ash from Iceland was mixed with glacial water from Svalbard and Tasmania to form the painterly base for all the works. Copper leaf was then applied over the top. Archives of images, words, objects, artefacts, thoughts, research and inspiration from previous projects informs the imagery of the works. Deciphered and distilled series of symbols. An iconography of sorts.'

Source:  Jacobus Capone and Fremantle Art Centre, 2021

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