Carol Rudyard

1922 - 2021 Continuum 1972
  • acrylic on canvas
199 cm x 123 cm

It is the perceptual experience itself that is brought to the fore when optical phenomena become subjects for experimentation in and of themselves. Carol Rudyard works with a simple geometric motif to consider the interrelation of light and colour at the threshold of perception amplifying the inherent luminosity of bands of colour to create optically active zones of light that seem to be liberated from the material substance of paint. Rudyard's work draws our attention to the psychological dimension of vision, particularly as it regards the subjective experience of colour. At a symbolic level, the suggestion is of transcendence and infinitude. By introducing the additional element of scale, it becomes possible to take this intimation of transcendence further still, creating an immersive optical environment where not just the eye and the mind are brought into an active engagement with the canvas, the full body is too.

© Carol Rudyard





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