Bullo River
Bullo River

Paddy Carlton

1926 - 2006 Bullo River 2004
  • natural ochres and pigment on canvas
150 cm x 180 cm

Paddy Carlton was born in Goordamangoo country on Legune Station in the Northern Territory. He grew up in the 1920s and 30s - a period known as the wild times or killing times. Carlton's imagery reflects the richness of his cultural connection and love of traditional country. Developed over many years, his stylistic repertoire became increasingly simplified with compositions featuring strong iconic forms and occasional delicate dotting against often bold backgrounds.

This painting shows the artist's traditional country at Bullo River in the Northern Territory. Gorrbadjim - the Bullo River flows from the left at Bullo River Gorge towards the Victoria River flowing along the right of the painting. Across the bottom flows the Auvergne River.

At the top of the painting is Bullaningyja - Paper Bark Springs. The spring flows from a large rocky hill towards the Victoria River, Below Bullanignyja is Barwii - a big swamp and Bullangulla to the right - another swamp. The hill in the upper section is Burrakbim.

In the open area in the lower half of the painting is where Bullo River Station would be. To its right is Goorlaling waterhole.

The waterhole in the lower left is Bullarungin. The two hills are Thoorthoomi and Gurrgumbi. The stippled paint area at the top of the painting represents spinifex country. Across the bottom of the painting can be seen the Ngerrelung - Bullgrass. Along the right edge of the painting is Woodjarr - Bradshaw country. Says Carlton: 'the Dingo crossed over here and traveled this way'.

© Paddy Carlton/Copyright Agency, 2018


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